Qiyasi Digital LLC is a trusted test developer and delivery provider. It owns the state of the art testing centre. Qiyasi is owned by Oman Educational Services (OES) and sistering German University of Technology (GUtech). Access to large resources and vast support ranging from financial to facilities to experts from the GUtech academia pool of professors and researchers. Ideally placed to serve the whole Gulf Region. Utilising industry best practices and recognised tools that can help you develop testing solutions that are fully compliant with the recognised bodies and meet both domestic and international standards.

Testing Solutions

Our testing services team uses large scale of areas to collaborate with subject matter experts on content writing, and then to manage content throughout the exam development cycle. It can also be used as a stand-alone tool if you already have in-house content writing experts. Qiyasi Team integrates much of the functionality for test development all within a suite of highly-secure web-based tools. The system allows remote collaboration, reducing the development costs of your examination. It is also configurable, to maximise cost savings while increasing productivity and exam integrity.


Behind every exam that measures whether a doctor is qualified, whether an architect has the right knowledge or whether an engineer is skilled, a rigorous test development process is used.

  • ·Test development requires time, investment and specialists
  • ·Those tests are a promise, an assurance from your organisation that those granted licensure or accreditation have met exacting standards.
  • ·Delivering exams in a highly secured environment to guarantee the honesty and reliability of results.
  • ·Developing exams though statistics analysis to validate the contents


Qiyasi is not only a test developer, it is also a training and certification provider for local and international recognized programmes and certificates. In addition, Qiyasi develops content to be delivered in a training and to be certified. Whether an organization is looking to develop reliable assessment strategies, rich test content or innovative processes, Qiyasi can help to achieve your objectives with our proven, bespoke, comprehensive solutions.